Cecilia Beretta, owned by Umberto, Riccardo and Alessandro Pasqua, was established in the early Eighties, with the aim of producing wines of high quality and with a strong personality, bottles that should reflect the excellence and the tradition of the Valpolicella and Soave areas, under Carlo Olivari’s technical direction. The Pasqua Family purchased the Mizzole and San Felice vineyards at the end of the 1940s, but particular attention has been devoted to these sites since the ‘80s, when Pasqua’s consolidation enabled the Company to dedicate significant resources to increasing the potential quality of its production.

Cecilia Beretta, since 1980. Verona, Italy. Quality, and no compromise.

These wines are the precious products of a unique culture and a rich history: the relationship between man and nature is highlighted through the rediscovery of ancient varieties like the Corvina. Cecilia Beretta’s production philosophy is dedicated towards making a small range of very fine wines, around two hundred thousand bottles in all.

Wines that combine innovation and tradition treasuring ancient techniques such as the “appassimento".

It’s a philosophy that highlights the typical characteristics of the vineyards from this part of Northern Italy, treasuring for example ancient tecniques like the “appassimento”. It’s a centuries-old method, in which the best grapes are selected, hand-picked, and tidily placed in wooden racks. Here the grapes are left to dry for almost four months. The transformation that occurs is the secret of our reds: while the grapes lose weight, they develop an extraordinary fruity aroma.