Special Projects

Femininity without compromise.
Innovation is never conventional

In the footsteps of Cecilia Beretta, 33 innovative protagonists of our time

Study, tenacity, resourcefulness, passion and pursuit of the excellence: jointly with Wired, the CondeNast magazine that writes about changes in technology, science and lifestyles, we have developed a project to celebrate the universe of female innovation together through the stories of 33 talents who embody the contemporary vision of women.

Innovation is never conventional

Aspire to build a different and better future means to know how to break the patterns, live the international dimension and above all never stop doing research. It is not about age or geographical origin, nor of course of gender. Innovation is above all mentality and method, which can be declined in infinite ways: from scientific laboratories to major social causes, from economics to sustainability, passing through sport, art, nutrition, finance and health. Giving substance to completely new worlds, from scratch.

The project

Promoting women's empowerment and spreading knowledge of talent is the purpose of this new project that will tell about 12 of these 33 profiles in a limited edition of one of the wines that marked the change in the style of winemaking and storytelling: Valpolicella Mizzole. 12 interpretations of the label through the illustrations of the eclectic Clorophilla will portray the lives of these 12 excellent women. A journey into the feminine dimension of innovation, told with the passionate gaze of researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, startuppers and many other professionals. All through the life stories of those who - with their work and intuition - have done extraordinary things, in Italy or elsewhere in the world.