Wine is at the heart of this story. All around it, a new feminine vision.

Let us introduce Cecilia Beretta, our muse: she was a cultured, refined woman, who lived in the Eighteen century, always surrounded by artists and intellectuals from every part of Europe. She can be compared, in fact, with the likes of Madame De Staël in Paris or Caroline Pichler in Wien. She had a strong and yet elegant personality, exactly like the wine brand established by the Pasqua family.

The company, owned by Umberto, Riccardo and Alessandro Pasqua has entrusted a member of the family, Cecilia, to be the business development manager. Already part of the international sales team, she has achieved a WSET Level 4 diploma in wine and spirits.

Past meets present: a muse, a manager and a winemaker.

Today, the iconic wines of Cecilia Beretta have been stylistically reinterpreted. As a supervisor, we chose a unique personality in the world of winenmaking: Graziana Grassini, successor of the great Giacomo Tachis. She collaborated, among other things, to the relaunch of the iconic Mizzole Valpolicella Superiore DOC.

The properties are situated in the amazing amphitheatre of valleys and hills of Valpolicella, and extend to the volcanic soils of the Soave hills. It’s a land devoted to wine production since the Roman age. Here, the soils are made of limestone and clays, and the plants are found at an average altitude of 150-200 meters.

The vineyards of the company are the backdrop of the story.

As testimony to its presence in its region of choice, combined with the pull of innovation, Cecilia Beretta is committed to converting a notable number of its vineyards to organic farming and to adopting business strategies compatible with environmental demands. These strategies include a significant reduction in energy consumption, facilities that naturally regulate temperature, a decrease in packaging waste (like glass and paper) and meeting the criteria for the main quality certifications ISO – BRC – IFS – Biologico. The company is also in compliancy with the standard SOPD “Modulo Organizzazione Sostenibile – OS” from Equalitas.

Cecilia Beretta’s journey in sustainability